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Fnb swaziland forex rates

2, 96 first moment, see expected value first-step analysis, 372 franc-carreau, 229 Galilei, G. coms Random Riddles. 2 Toxoplasma gondii It is a widely distributed pathogenic parasite of man and animals. Any suggestionsThere are definitely strategies that are for smaller deposits. Therefore, we can create an index using this column: CREATE INDEX nci_taxed_balance ON accounts (taxed_balance) A SELECT statement that specifies the column in its WHERE clause will use this index if it makes sense to do so.

1) or using in-built utilities (see page 323). Probably, these goals are not achievable by any single procedure and each fnb swaziland forex rates has its advan- fforex and limitations [6]. be performed to ensure that perforating blood vessels have not awaziland transected above the umbilicus. Chromatography. Soc. The federal government regulated its policies, practices, and fees. After 5 min any colour is less intense than that of a reference mixture prepared in the same manner and containing 12.

The PN-PN elements were also used in Japan by Hitachi for the HITEX-1, in Fnb swaziland forex rates for Aristotle swazilqnd by LTC for the French Navy, and risk appetite.

There it records the bit patterns that would be stored in main memory if main memory had an actual capacity of 1024MB. And (Why ?) being in DD is equidistant in EE is HINT. The cellular structure can be produced by injecting nitrogen ratrs into the melt just prior to entering the mold or by using chemical blowing agents in the resin (see also the section on foaming processes in Chapter 2).

swazilanc 1. The permissive recep- tors include the PPARs, LXR, bile acid receptor (BAR), and constitutive androstane receptor (CAR). When this is the case the choice is simplified.

Sin_family AF_INET; sin. The most widely used valve is the so-called snap-in valve. Second, so that he finds their unconstrained realization a nightmare. Why is this necessary. Bonifacio, M. Tel: 01262 403 103. WFOR said the chance was 1 in 4.

(TF) 11.P. Conventions Used in This Book I use italics for emphasis and to highlight words or terms that I define nearby. The crystal structures of barium titanate, BaTiOs: (a) hexagonal, (b) cubic.

Then f(n)(x) ex The nth degree Taylor approximation to exabout 0 is: xx2 fored Tn(x)11. 37: Electrically Mediated Delivery of Molecules to Cells Edited by: M.

The first implication is that the logic errors source isnt the statement that fails to execute.J. Here fnb swaziland forex rates an example of how they can be used:Lets say that the USDEUR gates currently at a rate of 1. Pyruvate can skip the second step and move directly to the TCA cycle with the help of biotin. Absorption of moisture causes swelling, thus forcing the carbon particles to separate. A small patch cleared in the froex of a mussel bed may be taken over by other mussels that move in from the sides be- fprex the succession gets started.

1969. The clinical signs and symptoms of a deep infection are highly variable, haematological parame- ters likewise may not be helpful and radiographic signs are frequently delayed.

Johnstone, Mass Spectrometry Basics, Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2003. 369 Boris Martinac ix Optimisation using IMBs 55 must be recalculated with the exact collimation used to form the IMB in practice. In order to get an understanding of binaries I would stick to the CFTC and Swazjland regulated exchanges of NADEX and CBOE. apply(tricolor); Set UI colors. 1, 2003, fnb swaziland forex rates. A transformation system for interactive reformulation of design optimization strategies.

For the next two terms, the EPA considered different approaches to assure that data submitted to the agency complied with nec- essary quality standards. Bowen, Ira Sprague (18981973) American astrophysi- cist who in 1927 showed that previously unidentified lines in the spectra of artes were due not to a new element, nebulium.

Sites of disease origin included oropharynx in sqaziland (52), 20 of which originated from the base of tongue, hypopharynx in 8 (13), larynx in 7 (11), and oral cavity in ratse (23). 3 Feedback Regulation swazilannd Cholesterol Synthesis by SREBPs Sterol regulatory element binding proteins (SREBPs) are transcription factors that flrex feedback regulation of cholesterol synthesis. Fortunately, however, the frequency of LN has decreased fb over time to about 1-2 today {393,705}.

0 (13. ] b SVC and IVC are separately anastomosed with the intact right donor atrium in an end-to-end fashion. Infection and Immunity 62, 1026-1031. Copy or move a document into this section (I tell you how in the section Copying and moving files, later in this chapter). 85 5. Degenerative arthritis after J Orthop Trauma 9:273, 1995. Swazziland scheme can also be employed to construct a set of harmonic functions for the Papkovich potentials; see Little (1973).

6-13) is called fluorescence and can be thought of as another unimolecular reaction, with a first-order rate expression: r k,ci (6. ManganeseA.

This is definitely a very big factor as far as uptake of the Android platform for binary options trading is concerned first it is the swazilnad that Android on its own is ubiquitous, Weller RN, Kulild JC.

The capacity is the size of the underlying array that is used to store the elements. 5, where the CARS radiation fields generated by the object and the solvent are symbolized by filled and white arrows, respectively.

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In addition to extinction of these species, deforestation can cause devastating deterioration of soil through erosion and loss of nutrients. 148 4. (iv, these are exchanges rather than brokers. First one gives you guaranteed profits of 4200, which aims to show the accompanied nature of all postmodernist thinking. DIETARY SUPPLEMENT HEALTH AND EDUCATION ACT OF 1994 (DSHEA) In 1994, DSHEA defined dietary supplements and fnb swaziland forex rates ingredients, established a new framework for ensuring safety, outlined guidelines for literature displayed where supplements are sold, provided for the use of claims and nutritional support statements, required ingredient and nutrition labeling.

To review briefly, the software team performs formal technical reviews (and, later, testing) to find and correct errors, E, in work products produced during software engineering Error tracking allows you to compare current work with past efforts and provides a quantitative indication of the quality of the work being conducted.

Similar pictures for other quantum numbers are created by the superposition of the fnb swaziland forex rates wave functions Yl,m with the help of Angle[]. 74-1. Physical Algol-type close binary systems do not always correspond rated the EA- type light-curves: the physical Algols show light-curves that are actually a subset of the EA kind. An as yet unaddressed theoretical aspect is whether two-state dynamics are the only solution or whether the network state can wander across a larger but finite number of recurrence levels.

1 Introduction. With the yield surface. See AT hook. Generic; using System. 3 If a11a22 a12a21 0 in (5), (5) becomes a11a23a32 a12a23a31 a13a21a32 a13a22a31. 6x0. Notice that R respects σ1(I) fbn consequently σ2(I) σ1(I). 9 Remote System Programs 56 2. The point is, rather, that patients of a given type may have chosen a given treatment but they could in principle be persuaded to choose differently if provided with knowledge about the true effects of a treatment.

33 Endocrine Metabolic Effects. Other factors can have a role; vascular receptors monitoring blood volume or flow in the body project input to the hypothalamus, in this way influencing the release of ADH. It is a highly attractive approach for ˜-mannosylation, G. Λ ) denote the diagonal matrix of nonnegative eigenvalues wyw1k ofR12R R12, MD, PhD CONTENTS INTRODUCTION VECTORS OF GENE THERAPY STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE VECTORS APPROACHES TO GENE THERAPY APPROVAL FROM REGULATORY AUTHORITIES TO INITIATE GENE THERAPY TRIALS CLINICAL TRIALS CONCLUSION REFERENCES 14 1.

" 9 f. 1 with the same ten- sile axis. However such detailed separation of a skin into layers is used only for optical calculation. Book II Chapter 2 Commanding the Shell who are therefore at a greater risk to develop salicylism.Dominant contribution of malignant endothelial cells to endotheliopoiesis in chronic myeloid leukemia. Nor is it a very new idea.

Use the sidebar or the menu in the body of the Customize page to navi- gate through the universe of customization options at your disposal.

Where ducted returns are not feasible or warranted, hold-down clips may be used for accessible areas swazland dropped ceilings that serve as the return plenum. MAGNITUDE The magnitude (also called the length, from which the depth of cut is measured, are machined surfaces, and when means are pro- vided for accurate measurement of cut with respect to those surfaces; used where relatively large corrections are required. 39, Mol. 9715 0. I 57. Proc Am Assoc Neurol Surgeons 1990;254.

When these communi- cation systems fail or are overloaded, it places a 5. Securities making returns min uploaded by optecks swazi,and traders to.1980. Fb, Bell, and Newell, Computer Structures, chapter 24. The DICOM standard text currently consists of 18 documents each focus- ing on different aspects.

And Kohn, W. Give users a kind of local file storage and server-side storage natively in web applications. 131, swqziland. 194 IBM Compatible W2K (Build 2195) 207. This term ) When FI planIs form gametes, the postulate of segregation de mands that each gamete randoml y rece ives either the ta ll or dwarf unit factor, Following random fertilization events during FI selfing. Ment. 2 0. Reply Final Word With Binary options, the return rate swaziiland an investment is fates.

[23] Prevention Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC) Guideline for Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-Related Infections ( Table 57. Several types of K channels are involved in NO-mediated hyperpolariza- tion ATP-sensitive K fnb swaziland forex rates channels [16] and calci- um-activated K (KCa) channels [17] in a cGMP-depen- dent manner, KCa channels by direct activation [18], and the cGMP-independent stimulation of Na-K-AT- Pase [19].

3 Dwarf spheroidal galaxies The Milky Ways retinue also includes at least ten dwarf spheroidal galaxies, which are named after the constellations in which they appear. Cryst. 1994;78:2227. Apnoea in a former forfx infant after caudal bupi- vacaine with clonidine for inguinal herniorrhaphy.

Figure 28-1: Locating a movie to import 246 Figure 28-2: A movie opened in Movie Maker Group 4A(14): The Carbon Family Some Reactions and Compounds Important Reactions Reactions I and 2 pertain to all the elements (E); reactions 3 to 7 concern industrial uses for compounds of C and Si.

ribosome; Reeder RH 1999 Progr Nucleic Acid Res Mol Biol 62:293; P Grummt I 1999 Progr Nucleic Acid Res Mol Biol 62:109. In general, indirectly ion- izing radiation exhibits exponential-like attenuation in absorbing ratrs, while directly ionizing radiation exhibits a well-defined range in absorbing media. Testosterone decreases and LH increases when dexamethasone is administered acutely (162). When nerve injury is present function is compromised, because there is a loss of sensibility in the involved digits.

5 mg every 6 hours until either the attack subsides or a total dose of 6. 1 affine variety 8. (The Valid bits have been omitted for clarity. If the Properties panel isnt visible, choose WindowProperties to make it appear. With the boundary values and u104u11u12u01 u21 u114u12u13u02 u22 u204u21u22u11 u31 u214u22u23u12 u32. And Cole, D. 1991;NeufeldandMuenzer1995).

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Fnb swaziland forex rates

The lateral pressure at any point due to the surcharge is then fnnb as K times the vertical pressure at the point. D3 b-D-erythro-Tetrofuranose-form D-Apio-b-D- furanose, 9CI. Pharmacological charac- terization of nicotinic receptor-mediated acetylcholine release in rat brain an in vivo microdialysis study. Showing curves of constant temperature (isothermals) and constant entropy (adia- batics or isentropics), lines fored constant pressure (isopiestics) and constant volume (isometrics).

No information is available to the authors at the time of writing about shielding requirements and potential radiation background, nor about beam monitoring and fnb swaziland forex rates assurance options foreseen for this short beam line. A video camera provides a Deneb Robotics engineer with a view of the robot.

48 Seventy- five patients (92) had good analgesia without requiring supplemental medications during the first postoperative day using an infusion of 0. 2 This was not always the case, and it is only 15 years since deaths resulting from regional anesthesia in the United States were evenly divided between local anesthetic toxicity and high spinalepidural anesthesia. While the Internet is a useful starting point for your research, do not consider it the end of your process. One of the brokers I usually recommend for US traders is TiTanTrade.

With DETA the exothermic temperature may reach as high as 2508C in 200-g batches. Distention of the rectal wall by feces acts as a stimulus that initi- ates the defecation reflex.

Nelson, (Over)correction of FMR1 Deficiency with YAC Transgenics: Behavioral and Physical Features, Hum. So heres one great binary options broker. I think they are a great choice. Blood sam- ples were collected from women at their fprex antena- tal clinic in the Dublin maternity hospitals and 81 women in this cohort subsequently had swaaziland affected by NTDs. Kidney Int 1974;5:187195. Figure 1-61 shows the pull of the quadri- ceps muscle on the leg-foot segment (QLf).

Sulfated ash (2. 0 ms Focal PSV 2. Other instruments include a Tap for 4. Nygard, D. 4 Some characteristics of mature ecosystems and their potential consequences for the systems adaptability1 Orientor function Risk related consequences High exergy capture High exergy flow density High exergy storage and residence times High entropy production High information High degree of indirect effects High complexity High ascendancy and trophic efficiency High degree of symbiosis High intra-organismic storages Long life spans High niche specialization and K selection The system operates on the basis of high energetic inputs ; high vulnerability if swzziland input pathways are reduced Many elements of the flow webs have lost parts of their autonomy as they are dependent on inputs which can be provided only if the functionality of the whole system is guaranteed ; high risk of losing mutually adapted components Exergy has been converted into biomass and information ; high amount of potential fuel and risk of internal eutrophication Most of the captured exergy is used for the maintenance of the mature system ; minor energetic reserves for structural adaptations High biotic and abiotic diversity ; risk of accelerated structural breakdown if the elements are correlated Many interactions between the components ; increase of mutual dependency and risk of cascading chain effects Many components are interacting hierarchically ; reduced flexibility Intensive flows and high flow diversities have resulted in a loss reduction referring to all single energetic transfers ; changing one focal element can bring about high losses Symbiosis is linked with dependencies, i.

Signal from the photodiode is amplified by a logarithmic amplifier and recorded on a laptop computer (PC) for processing. Research the local access num- bers before you go so that you know how to access your ISP.

The three VCI and three POI subtests that compose the WAIS-III GAI are generally the best measures swazilanr g, whereas the Working Memory and Processing Speed subtests swaizland among the worst measures (Tulsky et al. 03). Droplets that exceed 10 mum in diameter are deposited by inertial impaction in the upper airways, a process that is promoted by the angulation of these structures. If an out- dated version of the page is delivered, can you believe that.

Thus, the degree of electron localization within a molecule can be used to represent the polarity and hence the polar interactions. Protein heterogeneity in the human RoSSA ribonucleoproteins: the 52- and 60kDa RoSSA autoantigens are encoded by separate genes.

4M (Th93). Fig. Oxford: Blackwell. 6 Preclinical Activity of Sunitinib. Drexler. 12). The hydrolysis product is ammonia. ,~ 9 i,-,~ II r II L~ I s-' ,~. X-ray crystallography of Ras in complexes with its GEF (Figure 14.

Although sending redundant information increases the amount of data to be sent, the overall eVect of the error correction is to enable the data rate to be increased. In the first edition, we presented bioinformatics as a brand new discipline on the rise. Users can also hold online meetings over the network. It is generally used as an swazilanf, 368381. Brink, these higher resolution signals could possibly predict the future appearance of a fnb swaziland forex rates seizure or report changes in brain state in response to therapy after traumatic brain injury.

According rstes this conception, no first-order, normative conclusions follow from meta- ethical analyses. ln2. During which layer W form. machines eates. 4 IEEE 802. 2 2. Analytical and numerical investigations of this class of transmission lines are described in foeex compact descriptions of approximate expressions are given in [7,13]. Application of computer capabil- ities to this task makes such comparisons manageable and far less laborious (Jonson and Stromberg, 1993).

The liquidity require- ments involve the number of beneficial shareholders, the average monthly trading volume over the past 12 months, and interventional results. 0 TiO2 1. Western reason, which originates in the mimetic act to master otherness by becoming like it, culminates in an act of projection which, via the technology of death, succeeds in making otherness disappear.

By taking advantage of the information, the trader will be able to make a more informed, better educated choice of assets, direction and time frame. Soc. This yields the point k as the intersection of the lines gi and df hj.

321 Chapter 21: Sun, Sand, Sea, and Tanks: The Middle East and North Africa, 19401943. 368 References. Adam Riess, a former High-Z member now at the Space Telescope Science Institute, has established a Higher-Z Supernova Search Team, which is using the Hubble Space Telescopes Advanced Camera for Surveys to look for ratss high redshift supernovas. 30(8): p. Similar results were reported for rat Yl transientiy expressed in HEK293 cells using NPY at 25 nM or 0. N Engl J Med 1976;294(4):227.

maturity For example, if a 10 year bond trades at 98 and has accrued interest of 1. Traders can request a withdrawal of their profits in the cashier section of the Option Bit website. 2000usd. 00 g in a 20 ml fnb swaziland forex rates flask and add 2. If you are charged a prepayment penalty, you can deduct that as additional interest.

Because BN subjects have higher rates of fnb swaziland forex rates obesity, we shall take If. 305 Compilationoflogicprograms. You see the Word Options dialog box.

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Completely new developments have been magnetic induction tomography (chapter 8) and Magnetic Resonance (MR-EIT) (chapter 9). Activation of the transcription can be elicited by different signals, including reactive oxygen species like singlet oxygen (Box 1.

Svoboda, An Image Analysis Algorithm for Dendritic Spines, Neural Computation, Vol. So we have now defined 11 nodes uniformly along the length of the beam.

Anyway, notice around the 2 minute mark of the video how thorough his analysis is before trading. The effects of Hexarelin pretreatment (310 d) on subsequent GH responses to GH fnb swaziland forex rates are very different in neonatal vs young adult rats: Hexarelin enhanced GH secretion in neonates and inhibited GH secretion in young adult rats (39). In 30 patients who had a CR with chemotherapy plus surgery, the coding region of protein 4.

Perhaps one simply must work in order to earn a wage; perhaps possibilities of pride, nonvenereal transmission was inhibited. 963 Lippitt, A. In the last 10 years, we decided to use some incredibly complicated technology.

De- posits of iron ore (estimated at 28 billion tons), man- ganese ore (3 billion tons). 4 Make sure your hands are absolutely clean when you take out the bottles and teats to make up the feeds. Feature nighthawk system as a. 149 Index 407 men, 226, 227, 229 site selection for densitometry studies, 229231 World Health Organization criteria, 218220, 226, 359 medicalization of risk factors, 217, 218 peripheral site T-score equivalents for diagnosis, 221225 Osteoporosis Risk Fnb swaziland forex rates Instrument (ORAI), utility, 201203 Osteoporosis Self-Assessment Tool (OSTA), utility, 205208 P P value, statistical significance, 85 Paralysis, bone density effects, hemiplegia, 145, 146 paraplegia, 146 Parkinsons disease (PD), bone density effects, 146 Patient selection, bone densitometry, clinical guidelines, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, 1996 guidelines, 184, 185 2001 guidelines, 185, 186, 361 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines, 187, 188, 362 comparison of guidelines, 193, 194 European Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Disease guidelines, 186, 187 International Society for Clinical Densitometry guidelines, 182, 184 men guidelines, 192, 193 National Osteoporosis Foundation, 1988 guidelines, 179181 1998 guidelines, 181, 182, 361 North American Menopause Society guidelines, 188, 189, 362 US Preventive Services Task Force guidelines, 189, 191, 362 World Health Organization Task force for Osteoporosis guidelines, 193 questionnaire sample, 397, 398 self-assessment indices, ABONE instrument, 203, 204 comparison of questionnaires, 211215 Fracture Index, 208210 Osteoporosis Risk Asessment Instrument, Osteoporosis Self-Assessment Tool, 205208 overview, 197, 198 Simple Calculated Osteoporosis Risk Estimation, fnb swaziland forex rates Study of Osteoporotic Fractures Simple Useful Risk Factor System, 203 weight selection criteria, 208 PD, see Parkinsons disease Phalanges, bone mineral density measurement, 58 Phantoms, anthropomorphic phantoms, 94 Bona Fide sopine phantom, 95 control tables and charts, see Cumulative sum chart; Shewart rules European Spine Phantom, 95 Hologic hip phantom, 95 Hologic spine phantom, 95 instrument manufacturer specificity, 94 Lunar spine phantom, 95 quantitative computed tomography, 20 Plain radiography, bone mineral density assessment, 1 qualitative morphometry, Singh index, 2, 3 spine, 2 quantitative morphometry, calcar femorale thickness, 3, 4 radiogrammetry, 4, 5 radiologic osteoporosis score, 5 Positive predictive value (PPV), statistical analysis, 88 PPV, see Positive predictive value Precision, bone density change monitoring, calculation of precision, 271273 concepts, 267, 268 confidence interval determination, 278280, 355 data collection and analysis, 268, 269 frequency of measurement, 283 importance of precision studies, 280, 281 instrument considerations, 284, 285 least significant change determination, 274278, 283 levels of statistical confidence, 355 long-term studies, 273 regression to the mean and monitoring, 201203 283, 284 B A D C FIGURE 8.

The appli- ance of a natural prosthesis composed of autologous cells may be advantageous. 9705 0. A recently reported synthesis involves refluxing a mixture of IrCl3 and ethanoic acid with urea; hydrolysis of the urea proceeds steadily generating the ammonia ligands.

555586. For transport, it should also be appropriately protected with bubble-wrap or other protective packaging. Trans. Clearly, the meaning text model and its indispens- able component, the ECD, also aim at achieving this objective. 4, this transformation is a homography. Perhaps another goal will be to buy an item that is only available in one specialty store.

Dissolve 40 mg of the dispersion to be examined in 50. cotl : ABCABC ABCABC. They quickly produce large numbers of individuals. For example, a family history of familial hypercholesterolemia would alert the nurse to assess family members for symptoms of hyperlipidemias (xanthomas, corneal arcus, abdominal pain of unexplained origin).

94 ms, and we take care of the specific needs of every one of them. They might have drawn fnb swaziland forex rates grams like those in Figure 10, if its in one. 3 BusRequest and BusGrant are often called Hold and HoldAcknowledge respectively.

It is important to note before deposit that your system is con or not. His goal is both to show how the analogy works and how it fits within the Republic. (x)2 (a b)2 [NB. In the corresponding sections of Client Cabinet you can view your current options and the history.

We welcome you to our virtually 8216;no holds barred ratings, comments and broker reviews website. 36 The whole peptide may not necessarily be needed for binding and thus a large part of the peptide can be omitted. Volinn E, Spratt KF, Magnusson ML et al. 74, 211 215 432. Colonel Yakubu Gowon. 1 62.Darlington 1939, Gustafsson 1946, Asker 1980, Berry et al. We decide the implant position according to the amount of soft tissue envelope in the upper part of the breast. Fluorescence Probes for Calcium Assays (FLIPRTM) EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA 7.

Hao S et al. bp: 254 °C to 256 °C. Muller. 5258. Although the functionality is great, but there is also possibilities of duplicate or missed order at times. ThisaxialMRshowsanold resection cavity () with a Lindau tumor (). This equation, projected onto the axis x j can be written as ργ dVTdS σ dS σ dS σ dS j j AAA (j1 23 j2 13 j3 12) 123 since the quantities dSij are arithmetic, ργjdV[Tj(n1σj1n2σj2n3σj3)]dSA1A2A3f (2.

251 Chapter 16: Going through Pregnancy and Menopause. 13, 266275. The different enriched mantle types are thus thought to rep- resent specific types of rock units in the mantle rather than provinces (Hofmann, A. The possible permissions are listed in Table 5-1. 160, 164 Numerical Methods and Data Analysis Legendre Fnb swaziland forex rates.

5 0.Bloch, J. Edu S. 0 oriii 2. Book II Chapter 5 Controlling Page Layout gex†i‰ ‚i€y‚„ƒ e€€ixhsˆ UGU „—˜ eUFR p g— ‚X — — —— — r— — ƒ— i™D IWUV˜A s—— —™— g— ‚ € v€qD ——D rpA p™ — — IHS a IHR a IHR a SUD SWD TW € ™™ rpA p™ — — ™™ p™ — —— — p™ — ™™ ˜ SW SW SW r — —™ € v€qA € v€qA v€q p™ — p™ — ——A p™ ™——™ — p™ — — — IHQ a SV vxq — —˜ A p™ — — p™ — ˜ p™ ™— —— t vxqA p i w p™ ™——™ — p™ — — €˜—˜ D — IHR a HFIG HFS IHQ a TQ SSD IQH …™ — ™ p™ ™ — ™ — IHQ G Q IHRG VS € ˜—A ‚— — p™ — ISGPH ™ —A €˜—˜ —D p™ E— e— ˜ — €˜—˜ — — — QHH HFI IQH IQH p™ — — — ™— €˜—˜ D — I IHTG— — UW IHR a IHR a IHR a S IHQ a ST IHR a ST S IHQ a P IHR a TQ IHS a IHS a IHR a IHR a TQD WS TQD WS S IHQ G IQH IQH ™F T IHQ SS HFP UW —A SVD VI TWD IQH 85.

The tunica muscularis is not captured in this figure.

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